Thursday, 29 September 2011

How to Select a Closet Shoe Rack

When it comes to having shoes, most people (especially women) would say that they simply could never have enough. But if you have a full closet floor of shoes, then it is time to put them into some order, which might even enable you to put more of them into your daily rotation of shoes that you wear.

One of the handiest items you could ever buy for organizing your home is a closet shoe rack. There are many kinds of racks that are used for various purposes, but you should first take a look at the types of shoes you will be storing.

If you wear only pumps or high heels, then you won’t have much of an issue, but if you have larger shoes (hiking shoes, boots, etc.), then you will need to think about storing them separately. As far as where the closet shoe rack is positioned, that will depend on how your closet is currently organized and how much room you have.

If you have a door to your closet, then you can buy a closet shoe rack that will hang on the back of the door. These are available with little boxes for each pair of shoes or actual hooks for each individual shoe. You can also find a closet shoe rack that will hang from the rod in your closet. This might be able to give you more space.

Finally, there are some shoe racks that are designed to hide your shoes (such as those that look like little shoe boxes), while others allow you to see at a glance what you have. If you have a lot of shoes, you might want to be reminded of what you have when you go into your closet, so clear plastic or open-ended slots might be best.

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